Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Product!!

As your students show responsibility, kindness, readiness, and other awesome traits in the classroom reward them with this money system. 

In this packet you will get two:

As a reward system, give students a $1 for good behavior. As your students collect more money, trade out 5 $1 with a $5. Your students get to collect money up to a specific amount you choose to get a reward from the treasure box or your school store.

In my case, my school uses clip charts. If my students stay on green (ready to learn) they will earn $1. If my students get on purple (awesome) they will automatically receive $5. My students have to collect $5 to get a surprise from my treasure box. Your Class…Your Choice!!!

Also included is a sneak preview of what is to come with the use of the money in this packet. 

Not only an award system, but your students can enjoy three different math activities with this money!

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Hi Guys!!
Week 3 of the TpT Seller Challenge by TeachCreateMotivate & Friends!!!

This week the challenge consisted of:

Shout out to Gloria from 2 Scoops of Kindergarten and Rachael from Sweet Sweet Primary for helping me edit and swapping products with me! Their tips and feedback was very helpful and much needed! I loved the second eye on my product :)https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Red-Panda-Emergent-Reader-1940828
Emergent readers are great for beginner learners on recognizing their sight words, fluency, punctuation, etc. 

In Red Panda Emergent Reader, you will get 32 pages of great Red Panda information for students Pre-k to 1st grade. 

I have included both color and black & white copies for your use.

Also included are vocabulary words on each page that you can discuss with your class to build your word wall and review sight words. IN this emergent reader, you will have 13 vocabulary words with their definitions and 11 sight words to review and/or learn!

Red Panda Emergent Reader is also Common Core aligned to Kindergarten standards!

Enjoy this new product! You can find this product in my TpT store. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Hi Friends!! I am linking up with
"Oh Boy Fourth Grade"

So, I am currently hanging out with my little man! (my two year old son)...who loves him some Disney Jr. so we are currently watching Doc, then Miles!!!

I am loving creating some new TpT products for you guys...I am still linked up with Teach Create Motivate for the "TpT Seller Challenge"....It is Week 3 and I am creating a MasterPiece ;)

Before this school year even ended, I have been thinking about this upcoming school year!!! Looking at School Girl Style for new classroom decor and PINNING crazy and exciting ideas for my Kinders.

I have been craving a VMS from McDonald's for quite some time, but I am going to keep with my diet and JUST SAY NO!!! They are so good though...hmmmm.

Currently, I have been catching on OITNB..I am a little late, because I was waiting on the hubby to watch with me, but he's behind on it so I have been doing my own thing LOL!!! Already on episode 5 of this new season.

And finally, I am an all star in all things!!! But, especially in listening. With my friends, family, kinders...these ears are always on and ready.