Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Been AWAY, but now I'm Back

I am back! There has been a lot of creative things happening in the K classroom that I am excited to share with you.

But First....FLASH FREEBIE on my Teacher's Notebook Store!!!!!!!!!

Giant Panda Clipart

Let's get started :)

The past two weeks my little pandas have become Paleontologists...We have learned so much through digging for bones, creating our on excavation site, discussing dinosaurs, and TODAY excavating chocolate chip cookies.

Take a delicious look...yum yum
Big Kudos to Mrs. VanMeter from TPT for the Freebie 

Excavating the chocolate chips out...

 "I got 24!!!"

 Mrs. Johnson, I counted 17!!!

So, let's take it back to Dr. Seuss Day !!!
Let's make some Dr. Seuss Hats, while we watch "The Cat in the Hat"!!!

 They were all silent :)

 Supplies we used for our edible "hats"

Let's back up some more to our 100 days of school...
Fun day for the kiddos
They had the option to create their own shirts with 100 things on them.

Yummy gummy bears...

Then some FUN!! math time.
100 Hershey kisses for our game ---> "Our Kisses"
So we played the game by making a 100 chart and writing numbers 0-100 on the bottom of 101 Hershey kisses...the students then had to place the correct number on the bottom of the kisses to that on the board.