Thursday, February 19, 2015

My PANDA Vowel Book

This fun, interactive, literacy booklet allows your students to go into a deeper understanding of their vowels.

Your students would be able to review the vowels learned, as well as, think of words that begin with that vowel and illustrate their vowel word.

Find this fun activity on my TPT page !

 My PANDA Vowel Book

It's been awhile! But Pre-k is NOW K :)

It's been awhile! So much to do and so little time to BLOG, but I am here :)

Valentine's Day 2015

Was a....SUCCESS!!! So much fun making valentine's boxes out of cereal boxes! The enjoyment is always the smiles I see on my student's faces.

A special gift to our parents from them were their "I LOVE YOU BECAUSE...." photos.

Here's one photo for you!

I tried to draw a few hearts with a silver sharpie, but whoops....doesn't show! LOL